Nephroguard Dialysis Clinic

Nephroguard Dialysis offers free Pre-Renal Services as it is an awareness program to inform all individuals of the impact of Chronic Kidney Disease and progression thereof, with specific attention to early detection, prevention and management of the disease by means of clinical and lifestyle interventions .Our goal is to improve and sustain quality of life to benefit communities all over.

Above all it offers 24 hours services all kinds of treatment modalities of kidney failures through Dialysis –Acute Treatments in Hospitals, Chronic Diagnosed patients with renal failure for life sustaining with Dialysis 3x per week for 4 hours on Hemodialysis machine, Peritoneal dialysis –home independent dialysis

Shop 4F, Ground Floor
City Centre, Nelspruit

Emergency 24 hours: 078 188 4024
Telephone: 076 866 3586

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